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Chest Shop
Chest shop is a secret place where you can spend your hard-earned silver on various valuable things:
magic sources
diamonds (for Marathon and Diamond rewards)
Chest shop opens randomly for each mage once certain conditions were met.

Be aware that the shop can open unlimited number of times a day for each mage!

There are 15 chests available in the shop. You will have limited time to unlock all of them.

If you are short of silver you can earn missing amount in duels while the shop is still open.

If you were unable to unlock all 15 chests while the shop is open you will have to start all over again next time.

Each chest contains one random prize. To unlock the chest you will need a handful of silver.

Each next chest requires more silver than the previous one but the prize inside is rather better.

To unlock all 15 chests you will need quite a bit of silver but it’s worth it!

E.g. the chest #15 yields one of these:
level 80 card
level 90 magic source
210 gold
210 diamonds

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