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In addition to the combat deck a mage can have up to three extra cards:
Guild card (center);
Alliance card (left);
Goblin’s card (right).
Guild card has its dedicated article available here.

Alliance card is a guild card of your ally guild. If you haven't got an ally there is no alliance card either (makes sense). Details are in Guild Alliances.

You can read about Goblin’s card (my card) below.
It’s a piece of cake!
Goblin’s card is a temporary card and can be obtained for the duration of one week only. (Good thing is you can get it every week).
Goblin’s card is inactive in guild raids and the campaign.
 If Goblin’s card is weaker than your ninth combat card then it only increases your health.
 If Goblin’s card possesses more power than your ninth combat card then it not only adds to your health but also acts as an extra card in your combat deck.
Goblin’s card can be obtained on Mondays only.
Card’s power depends on your current Dueling league.
This card is of random element. Nobody knows what element you will get this week.
The card can be obtained either by buying gold (min 100 at once) or by suborning the goblin with 7 000 000 (seven million silver). There are no other ways.
A mage can get additional bonuses along with the card (gold to the treasury, silver and experience buffs) if he/she buys 1000 gold or more at once.
Attention! Every Monday one can get the card and bonuses only once. All following purchases come with the standard bonuses only.
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