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Urfin’s invasion

Urfin, this insidious enemy of all free mages, invades our world sending his loyal troops.
Mages must and definitely can stop the conqueror!
Like any other war, this one has its schedule.

Invasion begins each Monday at 1:00pm (server).

It ceases on Sunday at midnight (server) or sooner.
Mages are going to have one week to defeat 24 Urfin’s accomplices, so called bosses. Every next boss will be stronger and much more dangerous than the preceding one.

Urfin’s bosses are global which means they are common to all mages.

Bosses will appear one after another. Mages must overcome first boss before they can face the second one and so on.

Once twenty-fourth boss was defeated you can relax and prepare yourself for the battles of the coming week.

On Monday new invasion will start over from the first boss even if some bosses remained undefeated last week.

Boss encounters
Each mage attacks current boss at his/her convenience and deals as much damage as possible. Sure enough the best way to deal with a boss is to hit it with crits (x1.5 pairs). If you were dealt a bad hand you can always change your cards for just 10 gold by clicking 'Change cards' button.

After each encounter there will be a rest period before you can attack the boss again. This waiting time can be skipped for a small fee in gold.
Super blows
Sometimes, during the fight with a boss, mage may be blessed with great luck. At this time you can strike a super blow!

Super blow delivers tenfold damage disregarding elements. Return strike will always be halved.
After each encounter all mages get experience and silver as a reward. This reward depends on the boss and damage done by the mage.

In addition, you can get diamonds in the invasion that will count in the Marathon and Diamond Rewards.

However, the most important rewards will be handed out only after victory over the boss. Some mages will receive Urfin’s cards!

One Urfin’s card will be given to:
The total damage leader
Several random mages that inflicted significant damage (the stronger the boss the more mages get rewarded)
Mages who struck a super blow

Important! If a mage took first place or got the card for significant damage he/she can still get another card for the super blow in case there was one.

Those mages who have not fought with the boss will not get rewarded.

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