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Guild Arena
Guild arena is available to the guilds from Top-500 and their allies.
Guild arenas take place several times a day during a week except Wednesdays and Fridays.

First battle    @ 8:00
Second battle @ 13:00
Third battle     @ 18:00

Registration opens 30 minutes before the battle.

In the guild arena alliances are fighting against other alliances' avatars. Avatars are powerful creatures with their health being a combination of health of all mages signed up for the battle from each alliance.

Avatars fight back! Your alliance continues to fight as long as your avatar is alive.

Each mage increases the health of his/her alliance's avatar by (battle deck + guild card + alliance card + goblin card) x 3.

Registration will close as soon as formation of arenas begins.

Each arena consists of no more than 5 alliances (or guild-singles).

Alliances arranged by the health of their avatars in descending order. The first 5 alliances that have avatars with maximum health make up the first arena, the next 5 make up the second one, etc.

The formation of arenas takes some time, so it requires some waiting and patience.

The number of generated arenas and their total number are displayed on the arena page. If your phone / browser supports Java script you can see the progress of the formation automatically. Otherwise, you will have to click "Refresh" button.

The arenas already formed are launched every 30 seconds.

The battle lasts until there is one or no avatars left alive.

The more damage your alliance causes in battle, the higher the place of your alliance. The higher the place, the better the reward will be. Participants of the first 5 arenas receive an additional rating bonus.

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