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Magic marathon
Weekly Magic Marathon is Monday through Friday event. All mages are participating.

Complete Daily Quests and collect magic diamonds! There will be extra prize of 1 to 3 diamonds (randomly) for every completed quest.

Besides that, diamonds received in Guild arena and Tournament are also considered marathon ones.

Attention: Diamonds acquired as a bonus of any special offer will not count in the Marathon! Nevertheless, such diamonds will count towards campaign’s challenges.

Whoever collects most diamonds will be the winner. Result of the Marathon will be determined on Saturday.

Prizes for Top-10 mages:

1st place — 1000 gold
2nd place — 900 gold
3rd place — 800 gold

4th place — 700 gold
5th place — 600 gold
6th place — 500 gold

7th place — 400 gold
8th place — 300 gold
9th place — 200 gold
10th place — 100 gold

In addition, each mage will receive 1000 silver for every diamond collected even though he/she is outside of Top-10.

Daily Quests bonus factor applies to diamonds as well. Complete 6 quests today you will get double diamonds tomorrow.
Buy cards for diamonds
Furthermore, complete 7 quests and next day’s diamonds will be tripled!

Remember: diamonds obtained in Magic Marathon get you close to the next Diamond reward!

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